Today's Gospel Reflection

Posted: Jan 17, 2016 | Category: Gospel Reflection,

Occasionally we hear someone speak about experiencing a miracle. Usually it involves rescue from some accident or health crisis. "It was a miracle that car didn't hit me, the way they were driving" or "It was a miracle they were able to save her leg, the way that it was smashed." We even talk about "miracle" drugs, a reference to the amazing properties of life-saving antibiotics, antivirals, and certain other compounds. Miracles have a character of the unexplained to them. While scientists can describe in great detail the action of "miracle" drugs, to the rest of us they seem just amazing. Doctors can illuminate the process by which someone is healed through surgery and therapy, but again, it seems almost unbelievable when we see the results. Engineers can detail why a collision never happened, but to those who escape harm, it seems like a miracle indeed!

The miracle at the wedding feast at Cana in Galilee is the third aspect of what comprises the manifestation of Christ known as the Epiphany mystery. (The appearance of the Magi and the baptism at the Jordan are the other two.) In his Gospel, John describes the action by Jesus at Cana as a "sign" that reveals his glory. It is the revelation of his glory that causes the disciples to believe in him. Jesus is made manifest, and so people come to believe. It is what happened to the Magi; it is what happened to the crowds gathered at the Jordan; it is what happens to the disciples who are with him at the wedding feast.

The wonder of God's glory is not reserved to spectacular miracles that take place only at rare intervals. It is a wonder that a drug can cure someone, or that a surgeon can work so skillfully, or that for whatever reason, accidents are avoided. Seeing the manifestation of God's action each day is the sign of one who believes that the Word is made flesh and dwells among us.



Question and Answer

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Why do we baptize infants when the Bible says "repent and be baptized"? How can an infant repent?

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For Your Marriage

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Little gestures go a long way: buying your spouse’s favorite treat, complimenting him or her, and so on. These are all simple ways of re-affirming your love and strengthening your bond with each other.

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Wedding Anniversaries in 2016

Posted: Jan 13, 2016

Will you be celebrating a milestone wedding anniversary this year? If 2016 marks your 25th, 50th, 60th, 65th, 70th or 75th Wedding Anniversary, please let us know! We will honor these special couples on World Marriage Weekend, February 13 & 14, 2016. If you are celebrating one of these anniversaries, please call the Parish Office by Sunday, January 31, 2016, so we can include you!

For those couples celebrating their 50th anniversary in 2016, you will be invited to a special Golden Wedding Anniversary Mass at St. Peter in Chains Cathedral. We will mail your invitation letter last on this year.

Happy Anniversary!



Morning Mass

Posted: Jan 12, 2016

There will be no 8 am Mass on Wednesday, January 12 due to the dangerously cold weather.

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