Freestore Foodbank Hunger Walk

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May 29, 2017—Memorial Day

St. Saviour Parishioners Laura Murphy, Donna Smith, Darci Smith, and Linda Smith will be participating in the walk and are asking for your help in the form of a donation.

Please place your donation in an envelope marked “Hunger Walk” and drop it in the col-lection or at the parish office. If paying by check, make it payable to St. Saviour. We will make sure your donation is credited to CAIN’s foodbank account.

This is the biggest fundraiser for CAIN for the year. Their goal is $20,000.00. St. Saviour’s goal is to raise at least $1,000.00. As of May 8, donations totaling $1,118 have been received!
Thank you!

Every dollar raised means 5 pounds of essentials - like food, household and hygiene items -to fill the Rainbow Choice Pantry Shelves at CAIN for struggling families

A $20 donation = 100 lbs of food = 78 meals
A $200 donation = 1,000 lbs of food = 780 meals
Thank you for your continued support!

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Christmas Giving Tree

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Tags will be available for pick up NEXT weekend!

This year’s recipients will be:
St. Vincent De Paul - make Christmas a little nicer for families in your neighborhood.
We will be placing gift tags on the trees in church and ask that parishioners purchase a gift requested for approximately $25. Some families have asked for gift cards, which may seem impersonal, but it allows the parents the dignity to purchase items for their children or buy a larger gift for the family.
(Green Tag - please wrap this gift if possible)

CAIN - gifts for teens will insure a happy holiday for those less privileged. (Red Tag - do not wrap this gift, please!)

MATTHEW 25 MINISTRIES—Your monetary donation will help them provide emergency relief to those suffering from natural disasters. Please place your donation in the collection basket or bring to the Parish Office

We’d like to have these returned by Sunday, December 4, 2016

Christmas Giving Tree



National Donor Sabbath: Life Center Organ Donor Network

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Please See The Insert In The Bulletin For A Registration Form!

Consider giving hope to the more than 120,000 people in need of lifesaving organ transplants and the hundreds of thousands more in need of corneas and tissue.

  • Approximately 21 times each day someone dies while wait-ing for an organ transplant.
  • A single donor can potentially save the lives of eight people through organ donation and enhance the lives of up to 50 more through tissue donation.
  • Everyone is a potential donor regardless of age, race or medical history.
  • The number one priority of a hospital is to save your life if you are sick or injured. Donation can only be considered after you are declared dead and your family has been consulted.
  • In 2013, more than 28,900 Americans received a life-saving organ transplant and more than one million Americans received a life-changing tissue transplant.
  • All major religions support donation and view it as a final act of love and generosity towards others.
  • Patients awaiting an organ transplant are considered for transplant based on the severity of their illness, time spent on the waiting list, blood type and other important medical information, not economic or social status.
  • There are no costs to the donor’s family for organ and tissue donation. The transplant recipient's health insurance poli-cy, Medicare, or Medicaid usually covers the cost of do-nation and transplant.
  • Donation does not change the appearance of the loved one’s body. It does not interfere with having a funeral, including open casket services.
  • There is no age limit on who can donate.
  • Your State's Donor Registry is an advance directive. If an individual is over the age of 18 and has added his or her name to the registry, the family cannot override their loved one's decision to donate.

"And the dust returns to the earth as it once was, and the life breath returns to God who gave it" Ecclesiastes 12:7



Food Collection: June 5th-6th 2016

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Our friends at Churches Active in Northside (CAIN) have asked us to collect one certain item that their guests really need—Toilet Paper!!! Did you know that you cannot purchase this item with food stamps? CAIN has been having to use their own funds to purchase toilet paper lately. We hope to be able to help them out by collecting a lot of it for them.

Please place your items in the bins at the doors of church or bring it to the parish office if that is more convenient for you.

Bless you for your continued support and compassion

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Food Collection: June 5th-6th 2016

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