Sisters of the Precious Blood: Come & See

Posted: Mar 31, 2016

Sisters of the Precious Blood host Come and See weekend Are you feeling like God is gently nudging you, inviting you to an adventure? If so, come experience a weekend of prayer, reflection, conversation, and fun with the Sisters of the Precious Blood. Hear our stories and perhaps discover the life to which
God is calling you. Join us at Salem Heights in Dayton April 15-17. Register online at or call Sr. Patty Kremer at 937-609-0653 for more information.

Sisters of the Precious Blood: Come & See



Sharing the Gospel with Children

Posted: Mar 31, 2016 | Category: Gospel Reflection,

Sharing the Gospel
It was very early in the morning on Sunday. The tomb
stone was rolled away. Jesus was gone. All that was left
inside were the strips of linen cloth. When John and Peter
saw it, they were amazed. They did not understand all the
promises the prophets wrote about Jesus yet. However,
they knew he was alive. He had risen from the dead!

God, I thank you for bringing Jesus back to life.

Something to Draw
Draw how surprised Peter and John were when they saw Jesus' empty tomb.

Mission for the Week
Bake Resurrection Cookies with your family tonight. Go to for the recipe.



Knights Of Columbus Charity Raffle And Membership Drive

Posted: Mar 30, 2016

The Bishop Fenwick Council: Knights of Columbus will be at the doors after all Masses on April 2 and 3 selling chances for their annual charity fundraising raffle. Tickets are $5.00 each and offer a chance to win one of 25 awards, the Grand Award being $414.00 per month for 10 years. As usual, all proceeds go to either local or State wide charities, supporting vocations, seminarians, mentally handicapped, scholarships for students in local Catholic high schools, and many other worthy causes.
Additionally, Bishop Fenwick will be holding a membership drive in the Undercroft that weekend. Membership in the K of C, the largest Catholic fraternal organization in the world, is open to all practical Catholic men aged 18 or over. Stop down for refreshments and information on the Knights. No obligation; no hard sell! We want you as a member!
Knights Of Columbus Charity Raffle And Membership Drive



Melvin Karlan Funeral Information

Posted: Mar 29, 2016

Everyone is welcome to attend the funeral for Mel Karlan on Friday, April 1, 2016 at 11 am

There will be no 8 am Mass on Friday.

Coffee and Donuts for Friday at 8:30 am has been cancelled.




Boy Scout Mulch Sale

Posted: Mar 29, 2016

The Boy Scouts of Evendale Troop 598 are selling Evans bagged and bulk mulch for their annual fundraiser. Proceeds from this sale help to pay for the boys to attend summer camp as well as their monthly adventures like rock climbing, caving, flying gliders and much more.

Bagged Mulch – Dark Supreme - $4.00/bag plus FREE delivery on 4/29 or 4/30.

Bulk Mulch (3 yard minimum) – Dark Supreme - $30/yard, Hardwood Gold - $33/yard, Ravenwood (Black) - $35/yard, Sienna Brown (Brown) - $35/yard, Rosewood (Reddish) - $35/yard. Delivery charges: 3-16 yards - $50.00 or 16-40 yards - $85.00. Bulk mulch will be delivered on a date you specify (Monday – Friday only) between 5/2 and 6/30.

Want a scout to spread it for you? Add $2.00/bag or $30.00/yard. Spread dates will be setup after delivery.

Please contact Courtney Booher at 513-257-5043/ or Angie Noble at 513-378-4832/ mailto: to place your order.

Deadline for ordering is April 14, 2016

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